Case Studies


Fortytwo Data partnered with a leading professional services firm to deliver an anti-money laundering transaction review for a retail bank.

Client challenge

Test and enhance the client's anti-money laundering systems by running an AML model validation and transactional look-back


Review with client
Automatic screening

4m checks
4m automated hits
87,000 to be investigated

Review with client

87,143 false positives
172 real matches

Automatic screening

4m checks
1m automated hits
2 ,400 to be investigated

Review with client

2,228 false positives
172 real matches

fortytwo reduced the number of false positives by 97.4%, collapsing the human effort required for data review, while detecting 10 previously unidentified false negatives

The power of Fortytwo Data AML

Manual Download Tables

Data Manipulation & Reports

Manual Analysis & Review

After Fortytwo Data

97% reduction in false positives

Automatic Data Ingestion

Rules Defined Analysis

Data Management Workflow

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